HoseGuard Air Fuse


HoseGuard® - Hose whip protection for your personnel, equipment and machinery. The HoseGuard® is an efficient solution against hose whipping due to a severed hose. If a hose breaks, the air supply is reduced immediately to prevent the hose lashing uncontrolled around. The HoseGuard®is actuated through the increased difference of the flow when a burst occurs. Once activated some residual low flow will be present, this is to ensure a smooth reset once the hose has been repaired and reconnected.

Should the air consumption exceed the set value, e.g. the air line is severed, then the internal piston instantly shuts off the main flow. An integral bleed hole allows some air to flow though. This enables the line pressure to automatically reset the HoseGuard once the main break is repaired.


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Product Features

  • Protects your employees, machinery and plant
  • Maintenance friendly 
  • Complies with: EN ISO 4414/ISO 4414 § Machine Directive 2006/42/EG - OSHA USA: 1926 Safety & Health Regulations for Construction Power-operated hand tools - 1926.302/b.7 OSHA regulations (Standards - 29 CFR)
  • OHSAS 18001 (to be replaced by ISO 45001) Occupational Health and Safety Standard
  • Reliable and tamper proof, no adjustment necessary
  • Light weight - compact size
  • Compatible with all pneumatic systems
  • EU Registered Utility Model No. 0025 73 525
  • USA/US Design Patent D 475, 126


  • Suitable for every application where compressed air is used
  • Compressed air hoses and systems in chemical and pharmaceutical industries

*) EN ISO 4414/ISO 4414 § Failure of hose assemblies and plastic piping: When failure of a hose assembly or plastic piping constitutes a whiplash hazard, it shall be restrained or shielded by suitable means. In addition an air fuse for compressed air shall be mounted.

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