oxyreg-400x400.pngThis O2 pressure regulator ensures a constant output pressure.

The OxyReg is an independent diaphragm regulator, which comes preset by the factory, eradicating the risk of pressure tampering by the end-user. This decreases waste and saves money by eliminating overpressure.

Our lead-free regulator is free of toxic additives and is manufactured with high-quality materials such as Grivory GV-5 FWA and Stainless Steel. A special treatment is also applied during production, making OxyReg an ideal for application in respiratory and anesthetic equipment.

Besides the oxygen, the OxyReg can be used for other inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, and compressed air.



OxyReg Description

OxyReg Technical Data

Instruction for use

Grivory Data Sheet


  • FDA certified Grivory® GV-5 FWA
  • Factory pressure preset
  • Reduces consumption
  • Reliable and Consistent
  • Service free - no adjustments needed
  • Competitively priced
  • Tamper proof
  • Lightweight - compact construction
  • Easy to mount in any water supply systems
  • Extension with sprinkler equipment
  • In compliance with FDA

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