EcoReg for Drinking WaterEcoReg is an NSF certified preset, in-line pressure regulator for fluids. The EcoReg® has been purposely developed for specific industries and applications in the area of drinking water, food and medical equipment manufacturing and use.

Made from the FDA certified material Grivory® GV-5 FWA and its stainless steel internal parts, EcoReg® is engineered specifically for drinking water applications where the importance and the requirement for lead free components has been increasing in recent years.


The preset EcoReg® fluid regulator is an independent diaphragm pressure regulator that can be installed in all fluid systems. The pressure regulator ensures a constant and precise output pressure independent from the input pressure. The pressure value has been factory preset and cannot be changed. This ensures that no one can manipulate the specified pressure value.

It is generally known that the pressure of fluid lines is usually is too high, fluctuates or varies according to building height. In such cases, the inline EcoReg® fluid regulator protects all downstream installations, devices and components, because only the proper pressure is admitted. This is particularly important for all machines and plants dosing fluids because costly stops in production can be avoided.

The EcoReg® fluid regulator combined with a sprinkler nozzle, creates optimal conditions for cooling and cleaning applications with sprayed water or sprayed mists.

EcoReg Description

EcoReg Technical Data

Instruction for use

Chemical Resistance

Grivory Data Sheet

NSF Certificate


  • NSF certified
  • Factory pressure presetting
  • Reduces consumption
  • Reliability
  • Service free - no adjustments needed
  • Competitively priced
  • Tamper proof
  • Lightweight - compact construction
  • Easy to mount in any water supply systems
  • Extension with sprinkler equipment
  • In compliance with FD

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