The ToolReg® series are preset regulators with an indirect secondary pressure relief. 
Designed and engineered specifically for various pneumatic tools, the ToolReg® is the ideal solution to prolong tool life and ensure protection for the operators. The ToolReg® eliminates the problem of over pressure and dynamic pressure waste entirely, since the pressure is factory set and tamper proof. 

To provide the tool with the correct pressure, the ToolReg® is mounted directly on the tool. This prevents pressure drops commonly found in hoses and tubes which could negatively influence the tools performance.

An additional function is its indirect secondary relief. The residual pressure in the tool (such as a nail gun) gets relieved once the tool is removed from the supply line, preventing unintentional activation.


ToolReg Case Study


ToolReg Description

ToolReg Technical Data

Instruction for use


  • Automatic secondary pressure relief
  • Protection guaranteed – no residual pressure in the tool
  • High flow performance (0 – 4.600 Liters./Min / 0 – 162 SCFM)
  • High pressure performance (P1 – inlet pressure up to 25 bar / 355 PSI)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Supplies tools exclusively with the specified pressure
  • No pressure gauge needed
  • Prevents compressed air waste
  • Saves energy – reduces costs
  • Highly reliable
  • Locked to prevent pressure change  -tamper proof
  • Light weight - small and compact size
  • Increases tool service life


  • In situations where small amounts of compressed air is required, but the pressure must be regulated
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Particular nailers, tackers etc.
  • Furniture, construction and precision engineering trades
  • Piping and compressed air systems
  • Compressed air used in automation fur actuation
  • Control, feeding or transportation
  • Pick and place units in automatic assembly systems

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