SaveAir Inline Pressure Regulator

The SaveAir® miniature regulator is a compact, inline solution for most compressed air and pneumatic systems. Regardless of the inlet pressure, the SaveAir provides a constant and stable output pressure, which is preset at the factory and tamper proof.

These characteristics not only provide safety features but also an economical one by preventing dynamic pressure waste. The costs arise when the pressure and flow are higher than the recommended figures of the manufacturer. Dynamic pressure waste is found throughout the industry and is extremely costly.


SaveAir Description

SaveAir Technical Data

Instruction for use


  • Supplies tools exclusively with the specified pressure
  • No pressure gauge needed
  • Prevents compressed air waste
  • Saves energy – reduces costs
  • Highly reliable
  • Locked to prevent pressure change – tamper proof
  • Small and compact
  • Increases tool service life


  • Piping and compressed air systems
  • Compressed air used in automation for actuation
  • Control, feeding or transportation
  • Pick and place units in automatic assembly systems

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